V’s Reading Year in Review: 2016

Thanks to my discovering a cozy crochet mystery series by Betty Hechtman the number of books I read in 2016 continued to exceed both 2015 and 2014. I read 34 total books, up from 29 in 2015 and 23 in 2014. I read 15 literary journals, down from 19 in 2015 and the same as in 2014. I suspect the number of literary journal will continue to decrease, as I’m submitting barely anything anymore, much less writing anything except reviews. But, I digress, as I’m wont to do at times.

Back to the stats. Excluding the one anthology I read and all of the review books (since I don’t get to choose those), and also thanks to the cozy crochet mystery series, the authors I read in 2016 were overwhelmingly women. Equality would have been closer if it weren’t for those cozies. Some analytics:

  • Total Literary Journals Read: 15

Another future reading prediction: the number of women will likely continue to exceed the number of men I’ll be reading, based on both what’s already in my queue and a new project I hope to embark on soon: reading every Agatha Christie book starting with her first. I’ve been collecting them at used book stores and antique malls and am halfway there. Yes, I am aware of the fine institution called the library, as a former librarian. But I want to do this my way, so the hunt continues, and has been more fun in person, but it may be expanded to the internet depending on my level of patience, as I had originally wanted to start this 1 January of 2017, not 2018. We’ll see, since my reading plans are often like my gardening plans which is often how life is: the more you plan, the more you’re likely to find yourself not following a plan….


V’s Year in Review: 2015

2015 was a big year for me professionally. Not only was my first paid story, “A Murder of Crows,” published, I also became a regular reviewer for Library Journal. I obtained long-sought, gratifying, professional employment utilizing both of my (expensive) degrees which has unfortunately, of course, cut into the time I am able to spend writing. That is, I have barely written a thing besides my published reviews since late August.

Nonetheless, one of my goals for the new year is to find time to write again, no matter how little, which includes keeping up with this blog, a personal motivation. Which brings us to this post, my annual reading year in review.

The number of books and literary journals I read actually increased in 2015, a bit of a surprise since I now have approximately 45 hours less a week to do anything, much less read, than I did in 2014. I finished 29 books and 19 literary journals, as opposed to 23 and 15 the year before. (I have to thank Library Journal for that; without doing so many reviews, I would be at 19 rather than 29, or less.)

Some stats:

  • Biggest Book Read: Norman Mailer, The Executioner’s Song, 1,109 pp
  • Review Books Read: 10
  • Review Journals Read: 1
  • Author Most Read: Stephen King, 6 books
  • Followed By: Roberto Bolaño, 4 books, and Ariel Dorfman, 3

As in 2014, I started off 2015 reading a Stephen King novel. I finished 2015 and started 2016 reading a non-fiction review book, All The Single Ladies: Unmarried Women and the Rise of an Independent Nation by Rebecca Traister. One year I’ll break it down even further: women vs. men authors, etcetera. I thought I mostly read women authors, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from the bulleted stats above. Right now I’d rather read more, write more. I’m a data junkie, but not that much of a data junkie….