Book Review: Derek B. Miller, Norwegian By Night

By the end of this novel there were tears in my eyes and I had white-knuckled hands. Well-deserving of the Crime Writers Association John Creasey Dagger Award, awarded for a first crime novel published in the UK by a writer of any nationality, this plot-driven book is gripping from the start. Centering around the ghosts, past and present, of Sheldon Horowitz, a newly widowed 82-year old living the last of his days in Norway with the granddaughter he raised and her husband, and a fine work of crime fiction, the novel also explores what it means to be one of a thousand Jews in a country that declared itself neutral during WWII. After witnessing a brutal murder in a land with few, Sheldon flees the scene with a young boy, trusting his former marine’s instincts to aid them in their escape from the perpetrators of the crime as Horowitz also tries to escape his past. Fast-paced writing with good attention to character development that crime and mystery lovers will enjoy.


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