Book Review: Margaret Atwood, Hag-Seed

A powerful story with a powerful ending by one of the greatest living authors today. Theatre director Felix Phillips has had three recent strikes in his life with the loss of his wife, daughter, and job, the latter to the prodigy he was coaching only too well. Withdrawing from the world and with his heart set on revenge he seeks out a seemingly ill-suited position in a prison for three months out of the year coaching a motley crew of medium security inmates through the Fletcher Correctional Facility literacy program. Successful beyond anyone’s hopes, four years in the government threatens to pull the plug on it at the same time Felix has an opening to finally hatch his plans for vengeance. Reviving his failed production of The Tempest twelve years afterward with the help of the actress he hoped to make famous in her role as Miranda, Felix sets out to direct his best performance ever. Containing a synopsis of Shakespeare’s original play at the end, this is an imaginative retelling of the bard’s famous work.


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