Book Review: Betty Hechtman, Yarn to Go (Yarn Retreat Mystery #1)

First in a new series introducing Casey Feldstein, a dessert chef who inherits a yarn retreat business when her Aunt dies suddenly in a tragic car accident. Casey, however, doesn’t think it’s an accident and after another murder at the retreat her friend Lucinda, co-owner of the restaurant Casey bakes for, convinces a reluctant Casey to continue hosting, Casey decides to investigate further. Enlisting the long-distance help of her former employer Frank from her brief stint as a PI, Casey delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding everyone on the retreat in order to determine who would want to kill pleasant seeming craft lovers. At the same time Casey is trying to solve the mystery of her neighbor, a buff police officer named Dane who definitely likes Casey even as she resists her attraction to him. When her parents show up with her ex in tow, things only get more interesting. An entertaining read with clever clues; I was pleased to solve the mystery around page 200, but it wasn’t for lack of skill on Hechtman’s part.


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