Book Review: Betty Hechtman, Hooked On Murder (A Crochet Mystery #1)

Charming debut of a murder mystery series centered around a group of charity crocheters. Molly Pink shares a talent for earnestness and screw ups a la Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum and possesses an equally endearing cute cop boyfriend. When she’s the main suspect in the murder that opens page one, she and her best friend Dinah set out to clear her name, learning to crochet while infiltrating the group formerly headed by the now dead victim. As power struggles among the crocheters mount, Molly finds herself unraveling one knot after another as she narrows down her own list of suspects, while at the same time juggling her job, newish widowhood status, and figuring out how to handle her feelings for the boyfriend the detective who has it in her for also has eyes on. A fast, fun read that made me want to pick up my hooks as soon as I finished. Includes a recipe and a crochet pattern in back.


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