Book Review: Roberto Bolaño, Antwerp; translated by Natasha Wimmer

I’m my own bewitchment. ~ Roberto Bolaño

Bolaño said “the only novel that doesn’t embarrass me is Antwerp.” This slim volume, best read in one sitting, exudes poetry and beauty even in its most brutal, ugly passages.

I can’t be pessimistic or optimistic, everything is determined by the beat of hope that manifests itself in what we call reality. ~ Roberto Bolaño

Classic Bolaño bluntness and themes steeped in stark realism and layered with a vague sense of unease; what just happened?

That’s the way it is, he said, a slight sense of failure that keeps growing stronger and the body gets used to it. You can’t escape the void, just as you can’t help crossing streets if you live in a city, with the added annoyance that sometimes the street is endlessly wide, the buildings look like warehouses out of gangster movies, and some people choose the worst moments to think about their mothers. ~ Roberto Bolaño


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