Book Review: Ariel Dorfman, The Last Song of Manuel Sendero

“The future can turn into the past in the snap of a finger.” Ariel Dorfman

An outstanding novel brimming with magical realism and surrealism that tells three narratives: past, present, and future, sometimes all at the same time. A story of love, betrayal, passion: for one’s homeland, for one’s ancestors, for one’s lover. A tale of a revolution brought about by babies refusing to be born into an oppressor’s world any longer, a tale of exile, a tale of tales. What is real, anymore? What is not?

“Why didn’t I tell them that dreams are the hardest thing to exile?” Ariel Dorfman

One of the biggest disadvantages of reading a translation versus reading a book in its original language is needing to trust that the translator has conveyed the right prose and the same meaning that the author intended. Dorfman assists with the translations of his own works, full of exquisite prose, imbued with his unique vision.

“…memories are never enough to find yourself.” Ariel Dorfman


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