Journal Review: Gulf Coast, Winter/Spring 2015, Volume 27, Issue 1

Some great pieces in this issue, including Natalia Toledo’s poem “Altar” with two closing lines I really love for some reason:

I hear a voice:

the devil has wings

Kelle Groom’s non-fiction piece “Antibody” includes some wise words from Thich Nhat Hanh concerning death. Tony Hoagland offers writers brilliant advice in “12 Things I Know About the Life Of Poetry” as does Juan Villoro in “Sixty-Three Original Languages” (he also mentions his friend Roberto Bolaño, reminding me of the stack of books behind me on my shelves waiting to be devoured this winter…). Amy Butcher offers heart-wrenching confirmation in “A Slow Kind Of Unraveling” on the pain of losing someone.

My favorite piece of short fiction was Caitlin Horrocks’ “Mermaid and Knife”. Beautiful, short, yet such real prose and beautiful sentences that seem simple but speak volumes. “There have been so many sadnesses it had seemed there was not room for more.” “I had such plans, and they all went wrong.” Universal truths veiled in fiction….


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